Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hi All,

The weather here has been crazy. This past weekend it was really nice I was finally able to wear my skirts again, but then starting Monday it's been snowing. Not a lot of snow, but it's still annoying. How is the weather where you all are? School is quickly coming to an end. Graduation is on May 20th this year, my birthday. I am going to attend. Let me know if anyone wants to go, I'm not sure if you need tickets or how any of it works or anything. It's almost time for my Spring Break. I don't know who knows, but I'm going to Myrtle Beach. I will be home for Easter though. After I leave Gram's I'll probably head back to school. Hopefully I'll get to see everyone before I head back. What is everyone up to? I haven't heard from some of you in awhile. Hopefully others will start posting on here soon. I'll see ya soon.


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